Advances in Clinical Radiology


      It has been a very challenging couple years with COVID-19, and we are especially grateful to the authors of this issue of Advances in Clinical Radiology. Radiology is such an exciting field, and we are fortunate to be able to have such outstanding authors who could provide so many interesting topics in this yearly issue. I would like to express our gratitude to my coeditors, Drs Amichai Erdfarb, Ankur Garg, Jeffrey Kanne, Ed Lee, and Robert Lewandowski, for their leadership in the planning of the issue, invitation of outstanding authors, and review of the articles.
      The outstanding body imaging articles under my purview include Accelerating Abdominopelvic Imaging (by Drs Chandarana and Tong), Image-guided Biopsy: An Algorithmic Approach for Optimizing Results in the Age of Precision Medicine (by Drs Lubner and Pickhardt), COVID-19 in the Abdomen (by Drs Anderson, Khauli, Goiffon and Kambadakone), Advances in Imaging of Cystic Renal Masses: Appraisal of Emerging Evidence from Bosniak Version 2019 to Artificial Intelligence (by Drs Schieda and Krishna), and Current Concepts and Future Directions in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Staging (by Drs Patlas and van der Pol).
      The cardiovascular topics under the direction of Dr Jeffrey Kanne include Imaging Viral Pneumonias (by Dr Pipavath), Beyond Chest CT—What Thoracic Magnetic Resonance Imaging Brings to the Table (by Dr Ackman), Cardiac PET/MRI (by Drs Kusmirek and McMillan), and Pre- and Post-Procedural Imaging for Lung Volume Reduction Surgery (by Drs Simpson, Hota, Hershman, Ma and Dass).
      Interventional topics under the direction of Dr Bob Lewandowski include Histotripsy (by Drs Smolock, White, Rilling, Ziemlewicz, Laeseke, Vlaisavljevich, Xu and Lee) and Portal Vein Recanalization and TIPS creation (PVR-TIPS) and the management of portal vein thrombosis (by Drs Thornburg and Khayat).
      Musculoskeletal topics under Dr Ankur Garg’s direction include Advanced Imaging of Upper Extremity Nerve Compression And Tunnel Syndromes (by Drs Ali, Muhamad Serhal, and Samet), Image-Guided Cervical Injections with Most Updated Techniques and Society Recommendations (by Drs Goyal and Khalid), Musculoskeletal MRI Image Segmentation with Artificial Intelligence (by Drs Bagci, Irmakci and Gulnerman), Ultrasound workflow in a pandemic: lessons learned from COVID-19 (by Drs Umair, Gabriel, Horowitz, Magnetta, Michael Kim, and Donald Kim).
      Neuroradiology topics under Dr Amichai Erdfarb include Advances in head and neck paraganglioma imaging (by Drs McClelland, Shifteh, and Burns), maging Embryonal Tumors of the Central Nervous System (by Dr Patay), and Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension: A Review of Pathogenesis, Presentation, Diagnosis and Treatment. (by Drs Amrhein, Houk, Dennison and Kranz).
      The guidance of our new section editor, Dr Ed Lee, was helpful for Contrast Enhanced Mammography for Practicing Radiologists: Clinical Indications, Technique and Interpretation (by Drs Slanetz, Ngo, Kim, Phillips, and Fishman) and Pediatric Whole-Body MRI: Recent Advances and Future Directions (by Drs Chaturvedi, Winant, and Lee).
      I want to especially thank the Elsevier team, Diane Ang, the Developmental Editor, and John Vassallo, the Associate Publisher, and their colleagues, Rajkumar Mayakrishnan, Esther Bennitta, and Samuel Gnanakumar. I also am extremely grateful to the authors of these outstanding state-of-the-art review articles.