Editorial| Volume 2, Pxvii-xviii, September 2020


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      Frank H. Miller, MD, FACR, Editor
      After a successful inaugural issue, we are excited to present the second issue of Advances in Clinical Radiology. We are excited that this has become a yearly issue highlighting interesting and important radiology topics. I would like to express our gratitude to my coeditors, Drs Amichai J. Erdfarb, Ankur Garg, Jeffrey P. Kanne, and Robert J. Lewandowski, for their exceptional assistance in the planning of the issue, invitation of esteemed authors, and review of the articles.
      The cardiovascular topics under the direction of Dr Jeffrey P. Kanne include imaging considerations for systemic therapy for lung cancer (Drs Thomas, Braschi-Amirfarzan, and Madan), imaging of pulmonary hypertension (Drs Kligerman, Hahn, and Weihe), adult congenital heart disease (Drs Jokerst and Cummings), artificial intelligence in cardiopulmonary imaging (Drs Chan and Auffermann), and imaging of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (Drs Kaproth-Joslin, Croake, and Hobbs).
      Interventional radiology continues to advance with topics in this issue under the direction of Dr Robert J. Lewandowski that include bariatric embolization (Drs Vairavamurthy, Shafaat, and Weiss), radioembolization (Drs Gabr, Entezari, Riaz, Salem, and Lewandowski), transradial access in interventional radiology (Drs Titano, Patel, and Fischman), and image-guided ablation for thyroid malignancy (Drs Sag, Kazaure, Perkins, Choe, Rocke, Smith, and Scheri).
      Important body imaging topics under the direction of Dr Frank Miller include LI-RADS (Drs Chernyak and Sirlin), PET/MR (Drs Saboury, Morris, Borja and Alavi), vascular imaging in children (Drs Hart and Lee), and contrast-enhanced ultrasound (Drs Wilson and Barr).
      Musculoskeletal topics under Dr Ankur Garg’s direction include utility of ultrasound in pediatric masses (Drs LeMoine and Samet), particulate versus nonparticulate steroid injections for epidural injections (Drs Kupperman and Goyal), compressed SENSE and clinical applications (Drs Matcuk Jr, Gross and Fritz), applications of dual-energy computed tomography in bone lesion biopsy (Drs Dwijendra and Burke), and machine learning and artificial intelligence in musculoskeletal imaging (Drs Enamandram, Sandhu, Do, Reicher, and Beaulieu).
      Neuroradiology topics under Dr Amichai J. Erdfarb include advances in intracranial perfusion imaging for thrombectomy patient selection (Drs Murphy, Parsons, Bivard, and Aviv), pediatric ischemic stroke (Drs Chulpayev, Benitez, Van Dine, Erdfarb, Moshé, Ballaban-Gil, Brook and Lee), advances in spine tumor imaging (Drs Gibbs and Rasouli), and magnetoencephalography and mild traumatic brain injury (Drs Proskovec, Shah, Yu, Achilleos, Maldjian and Davenport).
      I want to especially thank Kristen Helm, the developmental editor from Elsevier, and John Vassallo and their colleagues, Esther Bennitta and Samuel Gnanakumar. I want to especially thank the authors of these outstanding state-of-the-art review articles. Finally, I would like to thank my wife, Michelle Naidich, and sons, Scott and Mark, for their loving support. I would like to thank my new chairman, Dr James Carr, and my colleagues and friends at Northwestern University, who make my job enjoyable.